The Calling
Finding Humanity Series, Book 1.0

When Bleu’s little sister shows symptoms of the deadly Sickness, a strange vision directs him to leave humanity’s subterranean haven and seek the cure on Earth’s glacial surface. Joining the expedition team, Bleu expects extreme temperatures, not a surface ruled by ingenious predators.

Rana and her fellow star beings have co-existed with Earth’s top carnivores since the humans disappeared.  But when her peers transform into Crowned Ones, the final stage of star being development, she fears remaining Uncrowned like her parents. To prove her worth, she undertakes a dangerous mission—contacting the hostile and nearly extinct humans.

But Rana’s plan backfires, and Bleu’s team retaliates. As war with the more advanced star being civilization looms, both Rana and Bleu separately seek a way to save their people.

Silence of the Song Trees

A Novella

When everyone he loved died, he became the Ghost to save his planet.

Young Cerulean and his fellow Firth live carefree lives, sleeping in the song trees, playing in their sacred loch, and maintaining harmony between all life on Lenglood. Then, in a single day, his beloved planet seems to turn against the Firth. By a strange twist of luck he is the sole survivor.

Cerulean, grief-stricken and now the last guardian of Lenglood, struggles to survive and somehow revive his friends the song trees. But when human colonists show up, Cerulean realizes he has more to lose – Lenglood itself.

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Reviews for Silence of the Song Trees

“A luminescent tale of connection and fighting for what you love. If you’ve ever felt like a place spoke to you so strongly that you swear you could hear it sing, then you will find Cerulean’s experience both profound and deeply relatable. His struggle is beautiful, heart-wrenching, and tear-jerking. Branwen weaves a story that reminds us that the whole world is alive with color, that every living being has its own song, and that we are all connected.”

-Storm, Reader

“The world of Silence of the Song Trees is so vivid I could not only see it, but also feel it. I felt everything Cerulean experienced physically and emotionally. The writing is clean, evocative and full of surprise. I left the story glad that it’s part of me now, somehow feeling a touch more enlightened, and as if I know someone in a very far off place.”

-William David Nelson, Reader

“Within a couple of pages of the “Silence of the Song Trees”, I was hooked. I was not able to put the ebook down until the end of this wonderful story. The writer, Branwen, had a way of writing that had me emotionally connected with the characters.”

-Jean Gilberte, Reader

Cover art by Rai Fiondella. All artwork and text © 2020 Branwen OShea